The conversion rate for product detail page increased by 3% with the addition of more slick images, better branding design and explanation of the benefits and features of using product


Business Analysis, CRO, UX / UI Design

Tools Used

Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma

The Challenge

The Angle Product Listing on needed a graphic facelift. Also, many features of the product and the benefits for the users were not presented or explained in a cohesive manner, which is necessary in order to persuade and convince the user to make a purchase decision.

When it comes to selling on, nothing should be done halfway. So I looked at the issues of the product listing:

  • Poor Photos
  • Poor Product Info Design within Images
  • Lack of Branding within the Brand A-plus Content
  • Lack of graphic presentation of features and benefits of the product

The Solution

I worked with the president of Back Support Systems, Inc, Jeff Kalasky, on solving the first issue, we did not have good lifestyle pictures. I helped with the process of creating a photoshoot list and the execution of a photoshoot session.  We also worked with the copywriting needed to inform users of the features and benefits of The Angle.

After working on Figma developing a wireframe with several interactions of the product infographics and messaging we finalized the infographics and A plus content needed to accentuate the features and benefits of using the product.

In addition, I created a Product Info video using Adobe Premiere in order to engage potential customers and entice them to complete a purchase.

One of the most important conversion component is the Amazon Product Listing images since it is what the user will see first. See product info designs below:

[rl_gallery id=”88284″]